Bus Full
O’ Fleshlights

So two nights ago I had an orgy with the Fleshlight Freaks line while listening to 90s rap music.

Some people call them Freaks. I call them bed-mates.

I awoke with no regrets.  Then upon arriving to the Fleshlight offices yesterday, there was a package waiting for me.  “Must be something of a sexual nature…” I thought. And of course it was!

Our Twitter buds at Bang Bros mailed us a pile of bangin’ shirts and stickers! Why? Because we sent them some Fleshlights a week ago!  I went around the office handing the shirts out to everyone. I felt like a cracked-out Santa Claus!

Let’s face it people: the adult entertainment industry (or as I call it, the “porn industry”) is one filled with caring individuals!  Speaking of caring, I give you:

Riley Steele in a bathtub. Click to make her bigger!

Visit our website and build your own Fleshlight! I can attest that they are high quality products.

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