Hey everyone–this is a quick little update. Last week you may have seen on that Stoya’s bottom (trying to keep my swear-jar empty) was turned into this:

The Mayor of Porn looked over my shoulder while I was writing this blog.  My webcam caught the following image of his lucky monocle popping out in sheer flabbergast-ment (pictured below.)

We got word that Stoya’s condition is now stable and she is recovering.

You can also see the lovely Fleshlight Girl in these Mad-Men-ish Penthouse pics!  Also don’t forget to look at our exclusive topless pics of her from last month.

Seasonal note: Anyone log into Instagram and get overwhelmed by Fireworks photos from July 4th? You wouldn’t have that problem if you were following Fleshlight’s official Instagram. Official_Fleshlight.

Are there any horror fans reading this? If so, come back tomorrow. We have a suprise contest we’ll be running over the entire weekend!

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