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Jessica Drake
Has Landed

18 Jul 2012

written by fleshlight

jessica drake lands

We’re so pleased to announce that jessica drake (yes, the lower-case use is intentional due to her unique signature) is now officially a Fleshlight Girl! Click these pics to enlarge!  You can buy her Fleshlight right here!

The elegant beauty that everyone loves now has her butt, mouth and vagina in Fleshlight form!  Plus we gave her an amazing signature texture!  How did we convince jessica drake to let us make sculptures of her naughty areas? With a grant from the infinitely wealthy Mayor Of Porn (pictured below.)

It’s been having the pleasure working with jessica and I’m sure all her fans know just how eloquent, smart, and unbearably sexy she is!

We’ll frequently ask on our Twitter page “If you could pick anyone to have a Fleshlight made of, who would it be?”  We’ve been getting the answer “jessica drake” quite a bit for many months now.  Well we delivered. And in line with how angelic she is, we’ve named her signature Fleshlight texture “Heavenly.”  Check it below:

Don’t miss her official website and buy her Fleshlight here.  Tell your friends! Tell the world! Find the nearest window, open it, and yell out “I just ordered jessica drake’s vagina!” Let us know how that works out.  If it goes well we may want you as our marketing team lead….

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Has Landed


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