Who’s the
new Girl?

The public has spoken! Click the image below to be sent to Kayden Kross’ official Fleshlight page. From there you can see exclusive videos and so much more.

So, yes, that means that Kayden Kross has won the Searchlight contest! We crowed her as the winner Wednesday night!

If you look close enough, you can see a tear running down her face…

Additionally, we have a signature texture for her that will drive you wild. We call it the Bookworm. Why? Well if you know Kayden, you know she loves to read. And also sex…she likes the sex…

Congratulations to Alexis Texas and Asphyxia Noir too for fighting the good fight. It was a close race. We even decided Alexis was so close in votes, that she will be released down the road for her fans.

On occasion, Alexis would be ahead or behind Kayden by only 30 or so votes. And though Asphyxia was in 3rd, on one day she shot ahead in daily votes when she made the media circuit. How many votes were there, you ask? Almost 60,000!

Great work, ladies.

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new Girl?

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