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Glow In The Dark

24 Oct 2012

written by fleshlight


[UPDATE - Glow In The Dark Fleshlight Freaks are no longer available due to a limited run.]

You won’t believe your eyes! It’s glow-in-the-dark Fleshlight Freaks!

Ever since I began working at Fleshlight HQ, I’ve noticed Facebook posts, tweets and echoed voices asking for us to make our famous sex-toys with this special effect. Looks like upper-managment overheard and green-lit (pun intended) the idea.

Here’s my ad pitch that will inevitably get me a huge paycheck and lead to a late-night infomercial:

“Are you sick and tired of using your Fleshlight sex-toy in the dark without a good reason to? Then you’ll be green with envy over our latest product! The Fleshlight Freaks (Zombie, Drac, Frank and cyborg) are all getting a GLOW-IN-THE-DARK makeover!  So head over to and get FREAKY!”

[End of pitch]

What’s that? You can’t afford one right now? Then you have until the 31st of this month to submit your Fleshlight Halloween costume to us. We’ve only gotten a few entries so if you enter, the odds are in your favor! The grand prize 1st place might be getting one of these Glow Freaks…

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4 Comments on Glow In The Dark

  1. BBen

    So sad to see they’re not out of stock. I was going to base an order around getting a Drac, but now I guess I’ll just hold off on them all. :(

  2. Shockmaster

    I also would have really liked one of these. I hope you’ll make more, and not wait until next Halloween.

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