[Update: This deal is over!]

To lay our mark on Cyber Monday, we have an insane deal for you all. We’re continuing our blow-out Black Friday deal for just a bit longer.

All the way until tonight (AT 11:59pm Pacific time**), we’re running a 25% off sale on our official site for all Fleshlight products. Our prices have never been this low since I’ve been working here. You need to get on this! As always, shipping is discreet and our product, when properly taken care of, lasts a very long time.

But where do you start? What’s the best Fleshlight sex-toy to buy?

Our best reviewed and top-selling is the Stamina Training Unit. Click here to check it out. Second to that would be our discreet Flight product.

Of all the Fleshlight Girls, a texture that’s getting lots of notoriety is the just released Alexis Texas Fleshlight – with the Texas Tornado inner-texture that’s exclusive to Alexis. Popular sex-toy review site Xcritic nutted…I mean went nuts over it in this 4-Star review.

And while you’re purchasing, have you considered adding our just-released shower mount to your shopping cart? It’s like a blue-tooth vagina. By that I mean it’ll let  you enjoy your Flesh-session hands-free.

Now is the time to find out why we’re the #1 selling male sex-toy! And for those who already know, now is a great time to add to your collection.

Last note: Thank you for submitting Thanksgiving sex puns to me on our Facebook and Twitter pages over the Holiday. All of you have made this holiday that much more special for me and my family.

**This Cyber Monday deal is doing so well and bringing so many new customers to our site that we’re extending it for a few more days!


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