Stoya and Katsuni Special!

Someone once said “If you love something, give it away”. While we’d like to say it was someone respectable like Tennyson or Austen, it could very well be from some whiny emo singer we listened to too much during high school. Regardless it’s good advice so we’re taking it.

Throughout February (our Month of Love and Sex), we’re offering discounts on some of the Fleshlight Girl products that we love the most. From now until midnight on February 10 get 20% off Stoya and Katsuni Fleshlights.

We caught up with Stoya at the AVN awards last month, here’s what she had to say:

Stoya warms up to Fleshlight News correspondent Jake Surca.

We talked to her later on in the day too when she told us about a vicious attack from her pussy.

Stoya gets a taste of Jake

We’ll be offering the discount to different girls all month long. Grab your Stoya and Katsuni Fleshlights now and pop back in next week to see who else is going on sale. In the meantime, naked pics of Stoya and Katsuni with their Fleshlights!


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