Extraterrestrial Sex?

According to a study by CNET.com, sex in space may be dangerous!

The study says–

“The changes in gravity make cell growth erratic and unstable. Yes, the team was only studying plant cells. But these operate on a system similar to the human, in so far as the process involves male to female sperm-cell (pollen) transfer.  Dr. Anja Geitmann of Montreal University said “Intracellular transport processes are particularly sensitive to disturbance, with dramatic consequences for cell functioning. How these processes are affected by a change in gravity is poorly understood.”

Equally importantly, she said: “Researchers already knew humans, animals, and plants have evolved in response to Earth’s gravity and they are able to sense it.”

The fear is that disruption in cell growth caused by gravity shifts might lead to diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.   NASA doesn’t actually forbid sex in space, though married couples are not allowed to go on the same mission.  However, it seems that those who will choose, in the future, to have sex in the beyond will have to take similar precautions to those who have no interest in creating even more babies than exist already down here.”

We, at Fleshlight, nominate Katy Perry to test this study out.

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