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Experience The Best Of Both Worlds.

30 Aug 2013

written by fleshlight


Experience The Best Of Both Worlds. 

You have those instincts – we all do – the want to have it all. We’re designed for having sexual variety and Fleshlight is helping you to fulfill your needs. Experience two very different textures with Flight by Fleshlight.

Why Flight? The sleek, compact version of the #1 Selling Male Sex Toy in the World allows you to fly in style. Flight is smaller than the original Fleshlight so it allows for easy storage and transportation. The exterior design is sleek and streamlined — it’s a discreet product for the man on the go.

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You Get: 

Instructor texture with Flight (in white case)

The Instructor texture allows you to improve your stamina and endurance. The extremely realistic texture of the large, circular Superskin pillows gives the snugness and realism of actual intercourse. You can enjoy this at a slow pace or pound hard and fast.


Pilot texture with Flight (in black case) 

The Pilot texture will have you flying to new heights. One would imagine you can go hard and fast using this sensation at first glance, but once you attempt this, the first thing you will notice is that long, slow strokes makes for an unbelievably intense experience.

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  1. declan

    pilot texture I like to have 2 of these were do i purchase

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