10 Inanimate Objects Miley Cyrus Has Violated

We all must be familiar, at this point, with the profusion of publicity stunts and paraphilia that is beginning to define this young (actress? artist?) womans carreer. But have you ever really stopped to consider all the broken dreams and hurt feelings her antics have caused the subjects of her ferocity?

Lets examine..

Victim # 1 Sledge Hammer

You kiss your mother with that mouth?

This picture was taken shortly after the subjects encounter with Miss Cyrus,
unfortunately the subject was too hammered and could not be reached for comment

Victim # 2 Foam Finger

We all know this finger very well. But none quite as well as Miley’s crotch.

Victim # 3 2013 VMA Award

Miley introduces her shiny new Moonman to her greatest asset right now: her tongue.

Victim # 4 Wrecking Ball

This poor soul was not even granted a happy ending and to this day remains a radiant blue

Victim # 5 Taxidermied Deer-like Creature

So much for letting the deceased, taxidermied creatures of our planet rest in peace.

Victim # 6 My Size Barbie

(comment has been redacted)

Victim # 7 Robin Thicke’s Pants

Our sources indicate that following this performance, the pants and Beetlejuice have since mended their relationship and will be attending grief counseling together

Victim # 8 Vehicular Molestation

Onlookers claim to have overheard the vehicle scream “Beweg deinen Arsch weg von meinem Gesicht!” but the request was denied

Victim # 9 Giant Teddy Bears

There you have it folks, she just can’t stop..

Victim # 10 Vending Machine

As can be derived from the photo, the vending machine clearly won this round

For more, admittedly less entertaining, photos of the pop star inappropriately interacting with inanimate objects please visit:   stereotude.com


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