Fleshlight Supports Humanitarianism

flightcamoOn the heels of a recent report The Guardian tweeted an image of an Afghanistan humanitarian workers contents—which included a Fleshlight — Interactive Life Forms, parent company of Fleshlight has made a donation of $5,000.00 to Doctors Without Borders.

According to The Guardian, humanitarian David Higgins described some of the things he carried: “We have to travel light here, so no luxuries: first aid kit, water filter, emergency rations, Fleshlight, sleeping bag, ground sheet, knife and distress beacon.”

Fleshlight COO Brian Shubin says, “As pleasure products become more acceptable and mainstream, we’re happy to see people utilizing our product as a tool to maintain human biology. Humanitarian workers also need relief and our products are a perfect and safe way for men around the world to fulfill their sexual needs.”

Interactive Life Forms created Flight by Fleshlight specifically for humanitarians and military personnel. The products can be found at: www.fleshlight.com/flight. The products are conveniently colored in army green and desert sand for discreetness.

More information about Fleshlight can be found at www.Fleshlight.com


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  1. Originally my submission to the Guardian was meant to be semi-humorous, although my fleshlight is an important part of my kit. I never thought that it would receive worldwide attention, and it’s made me realise that there is an important issue at stake-that of sexual relief for workers in isolated environments. Everyone is entitled to a little bit of downtime!

    It also made me realise how, whilst sex toys for women are fairly mainstream, those for men are still becoming so. I wanted to be open about male sex toys to highlight that women shouldn’t have all the fun!

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