3 Ways A Fleshlight Can Be A Tax Deduction

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is scrambling to find any single deduction they can in hopes of getting the most money back from their tax return.  Well, what about your Fleshlight purchase being?  Sure it is for immense pleasure, but there may be some ways you could fit it into your tax deductions.  Lets take a look at three scenarios.

3. Medical Expense Deduction

The IRS  lists a qualified medical expense as the costs of diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, and the costs for treatments affecting any part or function of the body.  Well guess what, there have been studies that show regular masturbation actually decreases your risk of prostate cancer.  The release of accumulated toxins during sexual activity helps reduce risks in the prostate area.  The Fleshlight sure seems like a treatment “that affects any part or function of the body”.  Plus, it feels fantastic.

2. Entertainment Related Expense

The Fleshlight is highly entertaining, we all know.  But does it constitue an entertainment related expense if you are a business man on the go? The IRS lists a qualified entertainment expense as expenses to entertain a client, customer, or employee if the expenses meet the directly-related test or the associated test.  Well, this one may be a little out there for some of you. The only possible  way this may work is if you give a Fleshlight to a client, customer, or employee in the spirit of doing business.  What better way to win over a client?

1. Hobby Expense Deduction

Did you know that you can write off your hobby if you did not originally intend to make a profit from it? Think along the lines of collecting stamps, raising horses, and collecting baseball cards.  You may enjoy doing these activities, but they could possibly have an effect on your income. Maybe start collecting Fleshlights? Or perhaps use the Fleshlight on a cam show and make some spare change?

While some of these deductions may seem feasible, I am not 100% on it so please don’t take this as actual tax advice.  Use your best judgement or ask your tax professional.

Possible Deductions For Next Year?

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