6 Ways to Please Yourself This Valentine’s Day


6 Ways to Please Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Flying solo on this year’s international day of love? Read our stern words of advice on how to go at it alone, and you’ll be glad about it.

  1. Literally, with a Fleshlight.

V-Day is supposed to be special, no? Hands are fine, but the real thing is better. Let Fleshlight bring you closer to the real thing; we are in the midst of a damn good sale, afterall. Have the globally top selling male masturbator of your choice delivered discreetly to your doorstep or pick one up at your local sex shop. Select the precise look, texture and theme that gets you going, and indulge in a little extended happy time with yourself and the motivation of your choice.

  1. Get to know your porn stars.

These professionals work for you. Hard. Why not settle in with your laptop and get to know them better? You’ll be pleasurably surprised. Take a sexual safari through the personal websites and very active social media accounts of some of our girls (because let’s be frank, our ladies are at the top of the game), and find out about your fave adult stars. Did you know Kayden Kross and Stoya have their own website packed with “curated smut”? Or that Anikka Albrite can’t get enough of double penetration? Maybe Asa Akira’s sexy sense of humor makes her a virtual companion you can get down with. Be sure to have one of their personalized Fleshlight toys on hand for when you see something that tickles you.

  1. Make a date with a camgirl.

You don’t necessarily have to be totally alone. If your preference is live, one-on-one interaction complete with personalized stimulation, camgirls are probably for you. Grab your Fleshlight male masturbator of choice and head on over to one of the many camgirl video chat sites like Flirt4Free where you can spend the whole day in a racy video chat with one of thousands of camgirls who are literally waiting to please you with graphic, definitely NSFW live shows.

  1. Get on board with VR and interactive porn.

In case you weren’t aware, porn has become pretty damn evolved. If you’re #blessed enough to have a virtual reality headset, use it for its true, destined purpose: porn. At this point, the internet is literally bulging with 3D, 180° and 360° virtual reality adult content. Having a Fleshlight do the heavy work where it counts will ensure all your senses are transported for the most surreal, realistic Valentine’s treat yet.

Don’t have a VR headset? Never fear. Our VStroker (a smart Fleshlight attachment that syncs your movement with what you see on the screen) is heavily qualified to offer you virtual sex with porn stars.

  1. Recycle date money and splurge on yourself.

Really though. Did you even enjoy that dainty kale salad you tentatively devoured last year at your Valentine’s choice of eatery? Treat yourself this year, and get on the level with your actual favorite food and beverages to accompany your solo sexcapades. As you prepare for your self-date, take the cash you’d otherwise have dropped at an overpriced date restaurant and stock your fridge with everything Outback Steakhouse (or otherwise) has to offer. Kinda fun treating yourself, huh?

  1. Combine and thrive.

So you found a last minute date? Or you do kind of need to spend the day with your S/O? We can help you up the ante, with the Quickshot by Fleshlight: a modified, open-ended male masturbator that promises to be the ultimate BJ aid and an intoxicating addition to any couple’s play.

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