Alien Sex!

Today, as usual on a Tuesday, we’re pretending to be horny astronauts. Alright, enough with the overly long setup.  Let’s get to business, astronauts!

Everyone grab your alien Fleshlight Freaks model (displayed below with an inside look of the inner texture included.)

Got it out?  Okay, heat up the sleeve in warm space-water.  Put the sleeve back in the Fleshlight case.  Now, brave spaceman, plop some water-based lube on your member and onto the alien Fleshlight vagina.  Don’t worry, she won’t bite*!

*Not guaranteed.

And to give you visual inspiration,  you encounter Fleshlight Europe girl Ariel in alien form (AKA poor Photo Editing skills form!)

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4 Comments on Alien Sex!

  1. are there other alien colors to choose from (green, black)?

  2. I want a pink one! Oh wait :p Already one out 😀

  3. Still love this girl, no matter what color you put her in :p

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