Best Job Ever!

Is Fleshlight a good place to work? Yes.  Best job ever.  Fact: when I looked in my desk I found a yellow condom and some honey. I do not know where they came from.  If I worked anywhere else this could be seen as a threat. But because I work at Fleshlight, this is likely a clue from the higher-ups that I’ll be getting a promotion soon.

Here’s a paraphrased version of my job interview five weeks ago with the enormous, built, ex-Swat member Steve Shubin (the Fleshlight inventor.)

Mr. Shubin: Will you accept money from us to make dick jokes?

Me: Hmmm….

Mr. Shubin: You’ll also be filming famous porn stars having their vaginas molded.

Me: Well..I’m not sure…

Mr. Shubin: We’ll give you a free Fleshlight.

Me: When do I start?

Don’t forget that one day next week is….. EXCLUSIVE-Stoya-topless-photo-day!  I’ve already received three death threats via email from people wanting me to release Stoya’s photos early so keep them coming!

And follow us on our Twitter @Fleshlight to stay up with the porn world!  And do other things as well!  Like things you’ve never tried before! Like, I don’t know, skydiving or something.

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