BiBi Jones

The wait is over.  Bibi Jones’ Fleshlight can now be purchased by clicking here!

BiBi is joining other beautiful Digital Playground beauties that have a Fleshlight such as Jesse Jane.  Since I now own this new Fleshlight, the term “blue balls” will become a phrase unknown to me.  A phrase that a younger version of myself knew but me now knows no more…..

So does anybody here remember that BiBi Jones’ Fleshlight was delayed?  Whoo-eeee.  Boy was it a huge fiasco when we promised to have her Fleshlight ready for purchase on the 6th of June.

Anyway I don’t understand why people were upset.  It’s not like we made a super-awesome-techno-music video that quickly reached over 35,000 views where there was huge text at the end that read “6-6-12 ” promising some sort of definite release date.

What’s that?  We did?  Oh….

Well the truth is we did our best but the bottom line (pun intended) was that our expert team needed more time to ensure the highest quality butt, mouth and vagina molds.  In all seriousness we apologize about the delay. But to make up for it we gave BiBi one of the best signature textures yet!  Check it below:

Introducing the Bi-Hive.  My penis has just informed me that he is interested in getting a timeshare at the above Fleshlight….but don’t timeshare, penis, when you can purchase your own Bibi Jones Fleshlight right here!  I’ll buy one immediately!  Why? Because when properly taken care of, Fleshlights last a looooooong time, shipping is discreet, and penises love em’!  That’s what sets Fleshlight apart from many other sex toys: Quality.  And U.S. patents…legal stuff….

Okay, so you’ve oredered your BiBi Bi-Hive Fleshlight, right?  And you’re thinking “What on Earth do I do with the next few days of waiting for it to get here?”

Well if you’re anything like me you’ll play Digital Playground’s as-NSFW-as-it-gets Nurses 2 Trailer (featuring sexy BiBi) on loop for days on end while barricading yourself in a bomb shelter for the inevitable outbreak of Zombie Fleshlights.

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