Bobbi Eden = Sexy

Bobbi Eden is one foxy lady!  We couldn’t be more excited about her upcoming products (mouth, butt, and vagina Fleshlights.)  If her enormous amount of fans are any indication, her Fleshlights are going to be flying off the shelves (and into your home….then onto your penis….)

Bobbi Eden fun fact from her Wikipedia page: “During the 2010 Wold Cup, Eden attracted media attention after her June 28 Twitter announcement, in which she promised to provide oral sex for all of her Twitter followers if the Netherlands Team won the World Cup. The promise led to a large increase in the number of her followers.”  No shit it did.

Here are some sneeky, sneeky set pics from her recent Fleshlight photo shoot. Click to enlarge!

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  1. Any idea on when the line of VNA Fleshlights will be up for sale?

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