Two Signature Textures Available with Christy Mack!

Fleshlight is proud to present the much anticipated launch of our newest Fleshlight Girl:

Christy Mack


For the first time ever we’re releasing her with both Vagina and Butt Signature Textures: Attack and Booty

Signature Vagina Texture: ATTACK!

Let Christy Mack’s signature texture Attack your senses from all sides! Featuring a design as wild as Christy’s tattoos, these dots, bumps, ribs and nodes will make your bad girl porn fantasies come alive.

And her very own, aptly named, Signature Butt Texture: BOOTY!

Slide into Christy Mack’s famous backdoor entrance and enjoy the wonders of the Booty texture. A Fleshlight First, this butt signature texture will envelop you into its wavy, bumpy depths, allowing you to experience Christy’s curvaceous figure first-hand.

Get your Christy Mack Fleshlight today!

Don’t forget about her Live Stream Q&A tonight at 8pm CST, 6pm PST.

Send your questions to @Fleshlight #MerryChristyMack


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  1. Where can i watch the video once again?

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