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Hi Everyone!  Well I feel like an idiot. The Mayor of Porn and I devised a plan to get a sexy video passed YouTube’s ever-increasing censorship.  You can see our failed plan in the second half of this blog right here.

In a nutshell, we turned a Stoya video black and white to avoid censors by tricking people into thinking what we made was “artsy” but the video was stripped within 48 hours.  I’m reposting the video here for now.  (by the way, you should buy a Stoya Fleshlight here…)

I was pretty disappointed. The Mayor’s response? “I’m too old for this sh*t.”

Anyway, shifting gears, super-mega-sexy-lovely jessica drake posted some super-sexy-cute photos of her from back when she came to Austin, TX to visit Fleshlight headquarters.  The pics are way cool. The picture below is jessica blessing the first-born of her vaginas and the one after that is her getting her mouth molded:

If you want to see nude videos and photos of jessica or buy her signature texture Fleshlight sleeve then you can check this out.

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