Flesh Maze 7:
The Flesh-aning-ing!

Holy. Fucking. Tits.

It’s one of the sexiest porn stars ever: Jenna Haze!  Anyone try Jenna’s exclusive Fleshlight Maze texture? That is one labyrinth your penis will actually want to get lost in!**

And the optional “Maze” inner texture below.

**Fleshlight and its affiliates realize that certain penises don’t like mazes of any kind.  For a limited time only, we would like to offer you and your member some free lube with evey purchase of $100 or more to help escape any sort of predicament the both of you get in.

Anyway….I’ve lost my train of thought.  Here’s another nude shot of Jenna Haze.

And tomorrow (may 24th, 2012) there will be something special going on with our Twitter! @Fleshlight, baby!  Keep hitting us up cause we love to hear from you all!

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The Flesh-aning-ing!

  1. any chance there will be a Chyna Doll Fleshlight?

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