Guess What Day It Is?!

National Orgasm Day!!!

The Huffington Post UK | By Rachel Moss


Are you a Smiling Sarah, a Wincing William, a Gormless Gertrude or an Over-excited Oliver?

We’re talking orgasms, or more specifically, orgasm faces.

It’s National Orgasm Day, and we’re wondering why some people have such crazy facial expressions when they reach the ‘Big O.’

We asked sexpert Annabel Knight to explain all…

What do people’s orgasm faces say about them?

You can tell if someone is going to be passionate, if they’ve got a good throw-down or if they’re romantic or sensitive – you can see so much from someone’s facial expressions.

What makes somebody pull a face when they orgasm?

When you orgasm, your focus is all concentrated on that area and your mind doesn’t necessarily think about where the rest of your body is.

There are studies that show some people hold their tummy in during sex, they tense because they want to look good but at the point just before orgasm they are not able to control that any more – it’s the same with the face.

What should you do if someone’s orgasm face makes you laugh in the moment?

Probably laugh! It might put someone off if you laugh but people do have a certain amount of control over their faces so if someone is making a particularly extreme face…

It’s like when you’ve got something stuck in your teeth and no one tells you about it – sometimes you’d rather know.

If you really can’t stand someone’s orgasm face, find a position where you don’t have to look at it! Or you could dim the lights a little bit.

If a person hates their orgasm face, can they change it?

The best bet is to embrace your natural orgasm face – if you start to get too het-up on what you look like, you forget to have fun. Other than reproduction, having fun is the main reason 99% of us have sex.

You can change your orgasm face a bit with different positions and different lighting, but on the whole it shouldn’t matter.

If you think you look stupid you’re going to feel more self-conscious and your performance will be worse – so it’s best to embrace your individuality, quirks and all.

Get out there and practice!



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