HardCore Nudity
(Teagan Presley)

Wow. Teagan Presley is too hot!  Can’t….take…the hotness…..body shaking……brow….furrowed…..pet cat….looking at me funny….

After checking the EXCLUSIVE-to-Fleshlight stills below (click to enlarge them) tell us on our Twitter @Fleshlight what you would do if you had ten minutes alone with the lovely Teagan Presley (@MsTeagan.)  Best responses will win a Teagan Presley Love Humps signature Fleshlight!  18 and older only may enter! Winners will be contacted on Twitter this Monday (July 2nd) and will need to reply in a direct message with a U.S. address within 24 hours! UPDATE: Contest is over and the winners’ Fleshlights are on their way!  Hundreds of great responses and we picked the three best! 

That’s all the info for the Teagan contest!  Check out Teagan Presley’s website here and follow that sexy sex-machine @MsTeagan!

A few more notes for the serious Fleshlight fans:

Yes, BiBi Jones’ Fleshlight is still going to be released. We didn’t make our early June release date but now we just need more time!  Like my relationship with my cat, this release is complicated.  It’ll be worth the wait!

Upset BiBi hasn’t released yet? Just yesterday our special M.I.L.F. Hunter edition Fleshlight was released so order that to hold you over!  Milfs have the age-advantage over you so pick up this special edition Fleshlight to help even the odds!

Also we’ll be doing a contest with Full Moon Horror (you know, the guys that make the Puppet Master series) soon!  They have an upcoming film with a subject matter that’s dear to my heart. It’s titled “Zombies vs Strippers.” To celebrate the release, we’ll be doing a zombie Fleshlight giveaway (we really do make zombie Fleshlights) along with Charles Band-signed DVDs of Zombies Vs Strippers so keep an eye out for that! Here’s a trailer for that film.

What else? We have a famous nightlife photographer who’ll be incorporating a Fleshlight product into one of his photos AND we have a badass musician who’ll be showing off some of our ish’ soon!  You don’t want to miss it!

And last of all we’d like to mention Fleshlight has an unannounced Fleshlight mold coming out early July. Who is it of? I’ll give you two hints. 1) She has a cameo in this Rammstein music video seen here and 2) It’s a foray into a niche market.  Any guesses?

Why am I in such a good mood today? Besides getting to stare at nude Teagan Presley photos while writing this post, it’s because The Mayor of Porn finally caved and gave me dental care as part of my Fleshlight-Blog grant! Pictured below, the Mayor of Porn in a rare occurrence without his monocle!


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(Teagan Presley)

  1. I tried to dm u for the contest, wouldn’t let me dm it??

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