Have you tried Jessica Drake’s Fleshlight?

Here’s are reviews of Jessica Drake’s Fleshlight from our forum members.

Jessica Drake


Jessica Drake Heavenly – This is another nice gentle texture with just the right amount of pressure and texture. It is about equal to the lotus mini in intensity but in a slightly different way. This is another where I can have long sessions.”


“To me, the Heavenly is one of the most realistic textures.”


“If you want a texture that still could be described as realistic while still being tight, I’d recommend Heavenly. I own love humps, tornado, lotus, mini-lotus, and heavenly as well as a couple other more intense sleeves but of everything I own heavenly wins out for realism and tightness while still offering some variation.”


“For a FLG it depends on exactly you want in a texture but since you said you want something very stimulating and very tight i think Heavenly is your best bet, I just got Heavenly recently and it’s sooo amazing and a new #1 favorite so i think you can’t go wrong with it.”


“I have both Love Humps and Heavenly (among 11 others), Heavenly wins every day of the week. Incredible sleeve, one of the best.”


“I’m still not sure if people realize yet how good Heavenly is, I LOVE this sleeve!”

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