Hello, Bibi!

Bibi Jones‘ Fleshlight is right around the corner!  That’s good because so is the release of a new Digital Playground film she’s in:

That movie looks cool but honestly it seems sort of unrealistic.  One time I had to go to the hospital after my penis got stuck in a Jacuzzi-suction hole and I only remember one of my nurses being a porn star. This film gives the impression that most, if not all, are porn stars.

Anyway, I got to go to lunch with Ms. Bibi Jones. She told me and my associate that she loves to party and enjoys this new-fangled “dub-step.” Around this time our limping waitress told us stories about how the restaurant was haunted.  I asked her if the water she brought us was also haunted.  “Not yet…” the waitress said.  This is all true by the way.

Anyhoo, below is a snapshot of Bibi getting ready to be molded to make sure her Fleshlight is 100% accurate!

CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO OF BIBI’S PHOTOSHOOT! It’s a little Youtube teaser video to get fans even more hyped. And as my uncle Phil would say, “It’s just long enough to masturbate to!” And I’m not sure if Fleshlight lovers are ready for this level of meta but here’s a clickable link to an image from today of Bibi watching the promo video. Whuuu????

Enjoy this pic from the photo shoot.

Hit up the hashtag #iwantBibiJones on Twitter. Since Bibi will be making your penis feel welcome, make her feel welcome! Show her some love, people! Something tells me this Fleshlight is going to be one of our top sellers.

Oh and because people have been asking…yes, all three orifices of Bibi (mouth, butt, vagina) will be available! And she’ll be getting a signature texture for the sleeve! What’s this all-new texture going to be like? Top secret!

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