Kayden Kross Defends Condom Choice

Check out this video and article from XBIZ. I’m interested to know, what is your stance on the recent Los Angeles law forcing porn stars to use condoms in movies?


XBIZ LOS ANGELES — Digital Playground contract star Kayden Kross defended the rights of porn performers to choose whether to use condoms in adult productions on the Fox Business show “Stossel” last evening.

Libertarian Stossel posed the question of mandatory condom use and why the government enacted the new law in Los Angeles to Kross and former prosecutor Wendy Murphy.

Stossel said the politicians created the law to protect performers, but Kross fired back and said a third party stepped in and “created a crisis that wasn’t there.”

Responding to Stossel’s point that there is a problem with sexually transmitted diseases, Kross said that porn stars test every 20-30 days and are the most sexually tested population in the world. She added that studios won’t shoot without valid tests.

Murphy claimed an industry “insider” involved with testing said diseases are rampant and women have the right to be protected. She told Kross, “You may not care but this isn’t about you. It’s about all of the women in the industry.”

Kross said it’s her body and she can put it into any situation she chooses. But Murphy claimed that the government should be involved because it’s about protecting all humans regardless of what an individual may want. ”It’s the purpose of government.”

Kross also said condoms are “painful” and that most performers won’t work for condom-only companies because it’s uncomfortable.

Murphy agreed that most viewers want to watch films without condoms but maintained that most porn is violent.

Stossel said politicians are trying to be helpful and have good role models.

But Kross maintained that porn’s not sex education, but a fantasy and it’s not the industry’s responsibility to educate. “Sex education is up to parents,” Kross noted.

Murphy claimed porn is a business and people are dying. She pointed to an AIDs epidemic in 2004 that struck four people. Stossel pointed out that there hasn’t been any other cases since the testing began.

“In the real world, it’s a higher statistic,” Kross said.

Stossel asked what’s going to happen?

Kross said there is a real possibility shoots will go underground, move out of California, or go overseas where there’s no regulation and things are less safe.

“So a law just doesn’t solve the problem?,” Stossel asked.

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  1. I think the prosecutor is coming at the issue all wrong. The issue is kind of like smoking or tanning, it’s an inevitability thing. Sure unprotected sex for short periods of time won’t kill you or it might not even affect you at all. At some point though, there will be an inaccurate test or there will be someone who wants to cheat the system. (not as serious as STDs but something just like baseball and steroids)

    So the point of the prosecution is why risk it when no matter how much testing you go through there will be an error at some point, it’s inevitable in everything.

  2. i’d love to fuck Kayden Kross raw dogg! also, wut if the condom breaks?? oops

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