Let’s Talk Vagina

Whether you’re experienced with them or not you can always learn more. And since vaginas are basically our bread and butter through and through we thought we’d drop the knowledge.
Here’s some facts about vaginas you may not know.


#1 Hair Growth

While hair on someone’s head (of face) can grow for seven years, hair surrounding the vagina only grows for three weeks.


#2 Similar to Sharks

What do sharks and vaginas have in common? Squalene. Squalene is a substance that exists in the livers of sharks and in natural vaginal lubricants for females.


#3 Sensitivity

Even though most penises are greatly larger than most clitorises, clitorises have twice as many nerve endings (8,000) compared to the male organ (4,000).


#4 pH Level

The average pH level (acid/base balance) of a vagina is close to 4. Tomatoes, wine, all have the same pH level as vaginas. Think about it: both can turn people on.


#5 Sweating

Vaginal sweating is normal and necessary. There are hundreds of tiny glands that secrete oil and sweat down there to protect certain areas from rubbing against each other and overheating.


#6 200%

The average vagina is 3-4 inches long. If your partner is much greater than 4 inches, don’t fret because the vagina can expand up to 200% which is 8 inches. Yikes.


#7 Hygiene

Rubbing soap and water during a shower is enough to clean your vagina because they are capable of cleaning themselves. Using douches or other strange washes down there aren’t needed.


#8 Nicknames

The vagina has over one hundred nicknames. Aside from the normal, some vaginas are referred to as “flytrap” or “hoo-ha.” There’s also “fish factory”, “silk igloo”, “tinkleflower”, “foofy bird”, “bone yard”, and the list goes on and on.

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Just makes you realize how simpler Fleshlights are.


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