New Edition: Should’ve Bought a Fleshlight

We’re all about spicing it up in the bedroom. Trying something new, experimenting with toys, it’s all gravy to us… just¬† not when it sends you to the hospital.
This story comes from Huffington Post detailing an episode of a newer TLC show “Sex Sent Me To The E.R.”, and boy, it is a doozie!

As a registered nurse who works in an emergency room, Stevey Pope has his share of weird stories.

However, one that sticks out is about the guy who had a sex toy stuck in his body. He details the experience on an episode of “Sex Sent Me To The E.R.”¬†airing Saturday on TLC.

Pope, who is based in Fresno, California, says the patient came in with his wife complaining of severe constipation.

A technician took an X-ray that Pope and a doctor examined closely.

“We could see, perfectly, a large object that was lodged in the large intestine,” Pope said on the show. “This is the first time I’ve encountered a running vibrator still inside somebody.”

It might sound funny, but Pope says it was a very sticky situation.

“That’s something that requires immediate attention,” Pope said. “It could lead to internal bleeding [and] infection, and major abdominal surgery, colostomy bags and feeding tubes.”

According to Pope, the patient was reluctant to explain how the vibrator got stuck where the sun doesn’t shine. Finally, the wife spilled the beans.

“The wife finally told us that they had been trying to be adventurous and they kind of used the vibrator,” he said. “Things got out of control and the vibrator got lost inside of him.”

The doctors were eventually able to remove the vibrator, but there’s no word on if the experience left the patient with bad vibes.

See! Had this couple just bought a Fleshlight, maybe enjoy some mutual masturbation, none of this would have happened.
And while some jokesters on 4Chan would disagree, ain’t nobody ever got a Fleshlight stuck anywhere!





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