Nina Hartley +
Dragon Con

Nina Hartley’s long awaited Fleshlight sex-toy has released!

Yup, the living legend with over 1.3 gagillion (and counting) adult films under her belt now has her vagina in our Fleshlight lineup! Observant Fleshlight delvers may recognize her from a small but important role in the 90s classic film Boogie Nights.

Do you know what she said when she found out my age? She said she’s been doing porn since before I was born.

I’m 26…

You might be even more interested to know that Nina has a signature texture as well. We call it the Cougar. Though once it makes it past your front door and into your heart, you can call the texture whatever you want!

So besides adding Nina Hartley to our already impressive roster of Fleshlight products, what other cool plop is happening?  We got some photos back from our buddies at Dragon Con.


Dragon Con is an enormous gathering for sci-fi and fantasy lovers. You probably knew that. But did you know that Dragon Con has an “adults-only” gathering within the event? Well we did! And to make sure we were represented, we linked up with some of the friendly organizers to get them out-of-this-world Fleshlights.

That’s right – 100% accurate alien vagina. They raffled off the beautiful, blue Fleshlight sex-toys to a crowd of fanatics…

Buy an alien Fleshlight here!

By the way, are you based in Los Angeles? If so, check out our Searchlight party this Wednesday. It’s hosted by Sam Tripoli!  You’ll see a crazy amount of porn stars and also be the first to know the winner of our Searchlight contest.


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