Pure: It’s pure pleasure

In my quest of the ultimate masturbatory orgasm, I had been amazed by Fleshlight sleeves (that’s why I have a collection), but none surprised me more than the recently introduced Pure sleeve.

Unlike the user seeking an intense experience, I prefer to build up my orgasms. Having those long, pleasurable Flights that end in teeth-clenching, ball-draining, breath-gasping orgasms is my ideal masturbation experience. After using the Pure for a few times, I can say it is becoming one of my favorite sleeves to achieve my ideal.

Having more than 20 Fleshlights, I already expect a break-in period for each new sleeve. Some sleeves feel good the first time, those are the ones with extreme potential. My first experience with the Pure was good, but nothing to brag about. It felt good – so I knew there was potential – but it was not unique as promised. I gave it a second try and it felt better. At the third flight with the Pure, its nature showed up for the first time. Its sections revealed and made me stop for a while to adjust to the new sensations. It was like doing a Wonder Wave, Twista, Super Ribbed, and Love Hump sleeves at the same time: all great and addictive sleeves. The sensations were subtle, but always present, inviting me to stay in and prolong my session as much as I could last. That was exactly what I did, building one of those orgasms that made me stay in bed for a few minutes before I dared to stand up, fearing my legs would not be able to support me.

The best surprise is that Pure kept delivering. Every flight with this sleeve becomes a pleasurable experience, it doesn’t matter if it is a stroking or a hands-free session. A slow pace works best, allowing each one of the ridged textures to do its work. Go to different depths into the sleeve to experience a myriad of sensations – all of them greatly addictive and pleasurable. Withdraw from it and enter it slowly and you will feel your eyes rolling. Go faster and the hidden intensity of the Pure will grab you. As promised, the Pure is pleasure redefined. If this is your first FL, you will become a Fleshcrack addict at the spot. If you are a veteran, you will discover a whole new world once you break this sleeve.

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