Sexy Video Banned!

In the past week we put up two official Fleshlight videos.  The one featuring the VNA Girls got pulled from YouTube within 24 hours.  We have it back up on our official video site.  But I ask, dear readers, do you feel it should have been pulled?  We really love YouTube at Fleshlight and the easy to use site helps us reach a huge audience but how can we express sexiness if Puma Swede’s boobies are not allowed!?  How!?

Click the below image to play the VNA video (may not properly load on mobile devices.)

After hearing about the VNA video ban in the middle of the day, the Mayor of Porn  (pictured below) announced it was time for “sh*t to get real” mere moments before going back to sleep.

In an uncharacteristically grammatically correct email, The Mayor decided our next video would be super sexy but we’ll “disguise it as art” by turning it black and white. Voila — problem solved!  Thanks, Mayor! It’s a practically nude Stoya dancing in the air for a few minutes yet it couldn’t be less banned!   Click below to play!

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  1. The more views you get the more flags and complaints gets filed by religious people and other non sex positive groups and/or trolls. I believe this is the third official Fleshlight channel on YouTube, the other two got shut down. My advice is to keep a low profile and maybe start a 2nd channel to go along with the official one. Just to be safe.

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