Sleeve Spotlight: Original vs Super Tight

Choice is a good thing. Variety is a good thing. But sometimes when there is too much of a variety to choose from, making a decision can become a burden. When purchasing a Fleshlight® for the first time, often the most challenging part is deciding which of our many sleeves is the right fit for you. Not to worry, we’re here to help! In the coming weeks we’ll post a new article about the benefits of each sleeve, and provide you with the information necessary to make the best choice.

This week, we’re going to compare two timeless classics: the Original and the Super Tight.940x248-OG-SuperTight-VS-Graphic

The Original

This is the first sleeve ever manufactured from our patented SuperSkin™ material. Even though our product line has evolved dramatically, the Original is still in production and remains a favorite amongst first time buyers. But what are some of the characteristics that set this sleeve apart, and what kind of customers enjoy this sleeve the most?

To start, the Original offers a ¾” wide canal, which is wider than other sleeves. This makes the Original commonly favored by men with a wider than normal girth. This isn’t to say the Original is made only for the hung-like-a-coke-can demographic; a user of any girth will enjoy the Original, but we’ve found that thicker men who don’t want to use up a ridiculous amount of lube have better luck with this sleeve.

Additionally, with its smooth interior, the Original is also appropriate for men who are incredibly sensitive and maybe have stamina issues. A lot of sleeves are filled with ribs, bumps, twists, and other textural sensations designed to stimulate you. A person who wants to spend more than two minutes enjoying the lifelike feel of the Fleshlight may want to opt for the smooth feeling of the Original before overloading on a more textured sleeve.

The Super Tight

Like the Original, the Super Tight is one of the earliest stroker sleeves we’ve produced. The Super Tight has a ½” wide canal, and is the tightest sleeve we offer. Although this sleeve may be ideal for someone with a smaller girth, it really comes down to personal preference. Some men prefer it to be really, really tight, others don’t like it so much.

If you have a large girth but prefer a great degree of tightness, then this sleeve will work for you, but be advised you will use more lube with a tighter sleeve. If you are average or below average in terms of width, you will still be able to enjoy the snug sensation of this sleeve.

Like the Original, the Super Tight also sports a smooth interior, which is ideal for men who prefer the tightness but without the extra stimulation provided in our other sleeves.


While we can’t tell you specifically what the best sleeve for you will be, we can provide you with the necessary information to simplify the decision making process. A good starting point for the first time buyer is usually our original designs which have withstood the test of time. Both the Original and the Super Tight are great for users of any size, however, if you want more room for your member, the Original may be the better fit. If you prefer a more snug, tighter feel, then the Super Tight is for you. Bear in mind though that while a gentleman hung like a 40 oz can enjoy the Super Tight, it will require significantly more lubricant.

Feel free to contact us with questions about any of our products, or simply peruse Until then, happy fapping.

At A Glance:


  • ¾” canal
  • smooth interior
  • preferred by
    users with larger than average girth
  • preferred by first time
    buyers who don’t want to over stimulate themselves

Super Tight

  • ½” canal
  • smooth
  • perfect for buyers who prefer a tighter
  • preferred by buyers who like the tightness without excess

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  1. Great product. I also personally think that the less intense Fleshlights are easier to clean too. And that’s a nice bonus!

    Anyway, great products and I love everything you put out (from the Pink Lady to some of the crazier designs).

    Keep up the good work!

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