The Stoya Fleshlight is consistently one of our top sellers.  People around the office tell me it’s because of the insanely good feeling (optional) inner texture called the Destroya.  How insane is it compared to the regular Lotus sleeve?  Here’s an inside look at what I’m talking about:

It’s even the one I personally tell people to pick up if they want a crazy ride.  And, if I may say so, my penis has exquisite tastes. And my penis has just informed me that this particular Fleshlight Destroya is heaven….for penises.

Click Stoya’s Fleshlight to order one now!  It’ll arrive before you know it!

You can always follow us on Twitter for more exclusive pics and hit up our official site to order a Destroya sleeve for yourself or someone special.  Shipping is discreet, we have an excellent sale going on and Fleshlights, when properly taken care of, last a very long time.

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