Asa Akira recently teamed up with us to run a contest. The prize? Her award winning Fleshlight (specifically the butt one!) Don’t believe us that it’s award winning? Look below!

So what was the challenge?  You had to tell us why you deserve Asa Akira’s award-winning booty.  The winners were picked by Asa herself!  We got so many responses but that isn’t surprising!


Out of the countless responses, the three she picked to get her Fleshlight sleeve were quite hilarious!  But the best of those three goes to a man with an overactive imagination as to the possibilities of Asa’s butt Fleshlight:

You read that right.  What we have is a man who, in one swoop, ruined the literal concept of magic realism.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Tomorrow night, live in Hollywood, we announce our Searchlight winner! So check back Thursday morning to see who won! Follow us on twitter @Fleshlight for up to the minute news and you could be one of the first to know.

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