Hi everyone. This blog entry (titled STUFF) is the follow up to my wildy succesful entry “THINGS!” Hope you like it….

What’s that above? Just a still taken from some footage of EU Fleshlight Girls Carla Cox and Ariel kissing! We’ll have a full video up of them dancing their booties off at the YNOT Awards pretty soon!

But more important than things that turn everyone on, today is election day!  Our buddies over at Digital Playground, Wicked pictures and Bang Bros are all helping to support NO ON MEASURE B all day!  Even James Deen is in on it! Fingers crossed this ludicrous measure fails.

Speaking of important issues, we’re currently donating to hurricane Sandy relief! Check out our correspondence on Twitter that got some coverage. Much appreciated, everyone!

So last week, choosing only 3 winners for our Halloween contest was not easy. In fact, I had to consult with one of our graphics guys. Let me be clear. I. Never. Speak. To. Graphics. Department. That’s how hard this selection process was. You can see every entry and the whole story here but I’ll save you some time if you want the very best by posting 1st place:

One person I would have selected in the top 3 was disqualified. Why? He sent in his entry just a few hours late. His entry shows he took the picture during the daytime but the deadline was midnight.  He wrote the following with his soccer-fan Halloween entry attached and subject line “Late. Hopefully Time-zones will save me!” Here’s the body of his text, unedited:

Hi Dave I’m a big fan of your work! You seem to really understand what it’s like to be an irredeemable pervert!  My fleshlight is dressed as a crazed soccer fan! I was going to flip over a car and set it on fire, but time constraints prevented me from realizing that dream.Thanks for looking! Now you can never unsee what you have seen!”

Good thing he doesn’t know where I live….

What else is happening in Flesh Land (new name of our office)? Well comedian Jason Horton just did a skit with Fleshlight Girl Tori Black and it should release soon! We trust he was professional on-set.

Last of all, tech-site Gizmodo is getting hot and bothered about our ipad attachement that I can speak nothing of…. contractually.

I’ll leave you with fan-favorite Kayden Kross. It’s just a picture of her standing upright but is noteworthy due to the lack of clothing. Have you bought her “bookworm” Fleshlight yet? It’s my personal favorite at the moment.

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