Fleshlight has had an insane week!  You may have seen our Behind-The-Scenes with Daisy Marie making an all-new Fleshlight instructional video.

Also we blasted out some EXCLUSIVE nude pics of tattoo-covered beauty Teagan Presley.  Check those out here unless you hate getting a boner or are at work or hate getting boners at work.

Plus super-nerd and super-sexy adult film star/Fleshlight Girl Tanya Tate found time to chat with a clinically insane man in this video.  Best part?  They bust out a Fleshlight and start playing with it.  Worst part? The man raps at the end.  Click the image below to play on YouTube.

Related thought: Tanya Tate has one of my favorite YoutTube channels (TanyaTateTube) so check it out.

In this midst of all this craziness I happened to land in the Fleshlight Factory (just a few buildings down from our offices) where I took some tasteful photos of our world-famous product that you can use as desktop wallpaper!  Here they are–click to enlarge.

Last note: the Mayor of Porn had his key-to-the-city taken away due to a public obscenity charge.  Along with this photo of himself (presumably taken by his secretary he’s having an affair with), he released the statement:

“No regrets.”

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  1. That first shot of the unpowdered sleeves is amazing! I want to see what the Ice sleeves look like without powder as well. Maybe the next time you get a chance? 🙂

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