Today we’re discussing watermelons.

No, not those watermelons. The literal kind.

While perusing Fleshlight’s Wikipedia page yesterday, I regrettably noticed that our company description said we offer “watermelon” as an optional orifice.

That’s the problem with a user created library. People are going to lie. My largest concern is that some people might believe it. After all, we do have a vampire Fleshlight for sale so a watermelon one isn’t too far-fetched, right?

Pictured above: the only time that a vampire must give you permission to come inside!

I could interpret all this differently. Perhaps this is a passive cry for a say in our products from the people! Perhaps….perhaps they are ready for fruit they can have sex with. And it’s up to me to get the company to do it! Why, I’ll tell them! I’ll tell everyone that Fleshlight has it all wrong! That fuckable fruit is where the real money. Vagina is so 2003!

Oh and consider buying a Fleshlight!


Update: 5-29-12. The “watermelon” link is no longer on our Wikipedia page…..for now at least.

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