Win a Tanya Tate Fleshlight!

Would you like to win a Tanya Tate Fleshlight?  Then you’re in luck.  We have a few Tanya Fleshlights to give away. And grand prize winner gets Tanya’s polka-dotted lingerie as well. [UPDATE: So many awesome responses! The winners have been selected and notified.  Thanks for participating!]

Is that even legal? I sure hope so!  All you have to do is tell @Fleshlight and @TanyaTate on Twitter what you’d do if you got Tanya’s lingerie. Not on Twitter? Make your comment on our highly unlinked Facebook page.  Not on Facebook OR Twitter? Make a comment on this blog post.  Best answers to “What would you do with Tanya’s lingerie?” get the all-new Tanya Tate  vortex or primal (pictured below) texture Fleshlight. Your choice!

The very best of those answers gets Tanya’s undies in addition to the Fleshlight.  18+ only and must live in the U.S. (weird considering Tanya is from Europe, I know.) Enter now on our Twitter or Facebook.

After you enter the contest feel free to celebrate Tanya by reading this entry that Ms. Tate herself whipped up.

(Disclaimer: Be sure to read the following in a sexy British accent.)

“Hello Fleshlight Lovers!

It’s your very own British Bombshell, Tanya Tate, making a guest appearance on the Fleshlight blog.

I am so happy that you can now get my Fleshlight in 3 different sleeves: Lotus, Primal & Vortex. I popped onto the forum and read some of your comments. I sent feedback as promised to Fleshlight HQ. Voila, there are now a choice of sleeves. If I was a guy for a the day I would totally try them out. If I had to choose one sleeve it would be the Primal [pictured below.]  It looks  like a real intense experience, especially with them tiny teeth nodules.

It’s funny, when I am at the fan shows that I exhibit at, to everyone wants to stick their fingers inside my pussy. Hmmm….imagine if I could really feel your fingers going inside as I stand on my booth. I would be rather damp LOL.

I have been signing at 3 fan shows during July. I just came back from Adult Con LA where I took my new Fleshlights for my fans to sample. My favourite show was Exxxotica Chicago. I got to meet the [social media/video] guys, Dave & KC, from Fleshlight. They followed my time at the show and captured all of the Fleshlight wrestling antics on video camera. This you will have to watch it was so much fun. I got to wrestle Stoya and then get smothered by Alexis Texas’ big ass.

I got to be at show in LA called Pop Con LA. It featured mainstream celebrities including Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian),  Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster), Jim Kelly, Richard Anderson, Sybil Danning and me. For those who don’t know I have my own Cosplay blog where I like to dress up as sexy super heros and review cool toys. I got to launch my very first book, “Tanya Tate: My Life In Costume”. Check out my blog and send me a tweet, let me know what you think.

Until next time, stay calm & grab yourself a Tanya Tate Fleshlight. [photo from Tanya Tate’s blog.]

Keep wanking for me boys!!

Kisses & Licks Tanya Tate xox

10 Comments on Win a Tanya Tate Fleshlight!

  1. Tanya is one of the best MILF out there, i had soooo good times with her movies and the fact of think a next level of been close to that hottest women, im referring to her lingerie!, my fantasies and my desires gets so big!!. A lingerie or any kind of clothes is the essence of the person who worn’em and am specially fan of that, makes me crazy just the fact of thinkin’ on that! Anyway it will be so satisfying to have that essence of Tanya!!

  2. I would spend long hours with them, enjoying them, before I dipped them in honey and ate them. Of course I would down it with some bacon flavored lube.

  3. Well, to be honest, I would try to wear her underwear, while I am fucking her Fleshlight, that would be like I am dressed like her, but at the same time, I would be fucking her 🙂

  4. When is the contest over?

  5. Ill have my girl friend wear Tanya Tate lingerie, then she’ll talk to me dirty with a British accent 😀

  6. First i would sniff your lingerie and rub it all over my body then I would wrap your lingerie around my hard cock and jerk off with it until I cum multiple times

  7. already leave my comment,but i dont see it, please let me know if u received it, thnx

  8. i would take tanyas panties and hold them with my fleshlight so that as i was stroking they would tickle my balls .

  9. The post was interesting….

  10. Sexiest milf in the world! Love it!

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