Yes, D.G.S. is Real and You Probably Have It

Death Grip Syndrome is very much real and if you’re a guy that regularly masturbates with your hand, you probably have it.


Still don’t believe me? Fine. I bet if a sexy European porn star explained it you’d listen…

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Death Grip Syndrome

What is Death Grip Syndrome?

Death Grip Syndrome (DGS) is When a man masturbates regularly using a tight grip and no lubrication (also referred to as dry masturbation). As a result he will experience a loss of sensitivity and over time require more and more stimulation to achieve an orgasm. This can also result in inability to climax during sexual intercourse. This, in addition to stress or psychological sexual worries can result in sexual dysfunction.


– Low penile sensitivity
– Problems achieving orgasm during sex
– Rough or callused penile skin

How to Cure Death Grip

The best way to cure death grip is by first abstaining and then slowly easing your self back into a regular healthy pattern.

Using a male masturbator like the Fleshlight which stimulates the real thing has been proven to be effective in reversing the symptoms of Death Grip Syndrome and restore the sensitivity of the penis as you ease back into regular masturbation. You can Browse Fleshlights.

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